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WE'RE EXPANDING and are in search of a Qualified Chef to join the existing team....We also need a Kitchen Porter......As well as a Part Time Driver for a busy mutli drop lunch and tea service.....Please call 01252 820454 or email for more information.



We obviously think our proposition is fantastic - so why not read what our customers think...

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It’s great to know that my child is eating healthy and delicious food at nursery...



I drop my son off at nursery knowing he will not only be well cared for but receive nutritious food and snacks. He has had a wide variety of healthy meals and it has helped developed his willingness to try new food and have a full and varied diet. He also probably eats better there than at home!



From the first day our daughter attended Nursery we have been so impressed with the variety and standard of the meals and snacks provided for all children and ages at the nursery. My daughter would eat and try things she had not even had at home! We have continued to be so impressed with the standard of such tasty, homely and wholesome food options on offer.


The meals provided are high quality, home cooked and well balanced and encourage the children to try new things.



The menus offered are nutritious, balanced and importantly full of flavour! My son's diet is so varied helped by the nursery’s approach to offering a wide selection of foods.



It’s great having Tris on hand to support cooking activities with the children, he provides us with brilliant ideas so that the children prepare healthy foods and not just cakes and biscuits. Tris often comes and takes a cookery lesson with the children, such as filleting a mackerel or making homemade soups, as well as consulting with the children to create a daily menu and introducing children to self serve at meal times.


We have always been very impressed with the food at Nursery. Both girls always eat everything and they try lots of different things that I wouldn’t even try to make for them. It’s always healthy and nutritious.



The nursery have been fantastic in all aspects since my 12 month old joined in Nov 2017 but the menus and quality of food never fail to amaze me. Its a testament to the team that his first word was "more"!!



Hello Russell, I just wanted to drop you a note to provide some feedback on the meals you provided to our summer playscheme (CHIPS) in July/August 2017. Basically they were a massive hit! We had some wonderful comments from parents/carers and of course the children themselves. We were very pleased to see the children returning for second helpings and trying foods they had never considered before (fish pie was a surprising hit!) Comments continued to come to us beyond the actual life of the project with parents remarking on how their children were more confident to try new foods and wanted to get involved in the kitchen. I have attached the summary of the 2017 outcomes that we share with all our funders and supporters so that you can see a couple of the quotes provided and a photo. This of course is just a snapshot and we have shared further evidence with among others Guildford Borough Council.

Given the success of the meals in tackling holiday hunger and broadening food tastes we are planning to deliver them again this year. Would you be interested in working with us again to do this please?

All the best and a massive thank you for the part you played in making summer 2017 a really special one for 186 children.



Initial response to chilli from the children at Woodhams Farm Day Nursery...

‘The new restaurant is yummy Mary !!’

Woodhams Farm Day Nursery


I just wanted to send my feedback and say a huge thank you to Tris and the Slice of Pie team for an excellent cooking workshop on Friday.

I really can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and how friendly and informative the guys were. It was great to hear the detail about how the food is prepped and how carefully thought about each dish and portion is to ensure the children are getting all they need from the food. I don't quite know how they do it! What is clear though is how much they care about what they do.

The tips and tricks were much appreciated (as was their patience - I'm a bit of a novice!) so thank you very much.

Many thanks and best,


It means the world to L**** and I that I**** attends a happy exciting nursery that actually meets all of his special dietary requirements, following a Gluten free diet is complicated enough, the addition of Dairy free needs made it very tricky indeed, but the whole team and especially Tris has exceeded our expectations. I**** really enjoys the Dairy free Yoghurt Ice Cream and the Gluten and Dairy free Sultana Cookies. Isaac enjoys a balanced diet when he is at nursery and its a credit to the team that his plate is always clear and he frequently requests seconds.

We also have to thank you all with your patience and support in potty / toilet training, as without going into detail, potty training a child with these particular dietary needs has its complications. Both our boys have been very content at Tootsies, and I frequently recommend your Service, keep the same Ethos, it works.

Mrs V H-A


My daughter has always been a good eater but she is an exceptional eater when at Tootsies, every nursery session she will have a minimum of two servings of each meal and has been known to have three servings on a regular basis.

Our local friends and family have had a sample of Tootsies food at the Farnham Food Festival/Christmas lights switch on and Tootsies Easter Open Day and have commented on how tasty, healthy, well balanced and varied it is.

Tootsies has a very good reputation for their menu amongst the local parents.

T****** Family


"My daughter has been attending Tootsies for the past year, she is now 23months old. I believe the standard and variety of the food on offer to befirst class. My daughter has a good appetite and always eats all of thefood provided at each sitting and quite often will have 2nds!

She samples a wide variety of different tastes and cultures which all playsits part in forming the right attitude towards food as she grows up and notbeing afraid to try new tastes.”

Many Thanks



I have always been uber impressed by the food that my children receive at the nursery - the variety is incredible and the flavours so diverse that I'm sure it has helped them to become the very unfussy eaters that they are.

Whenever I hear what they've eaten that day I always feel quite envious - it often sounds like the sort of thing I would have liked to order at a restaurant! Whenever I tell my friends about Tootsies, one of the first things that I always mention is the food - and my friends are genuinely envious, no one has heard of such an exotic sounding menu before let alone the children eating homemade bread and other homemade and healthy delights.

They are also really impressed that Tootsies has employed a professional chef. It gives me such peace of mind to know that my children have eaten 'proper' food all day at Tootsies. Even the tea is varied and filling - most of my friends children just receive sandwiches for their tea at their nurseries.

I am genuinely extremely impressed by the emphasis on healthy eating at the nursery and also the involvement of parents in the menus - including being invited to eat breakfast with my child! I wish Tootsies all the best with this award

Mrs A R*****


Having a child with food allergies is always challenging and my main concern was whether the food would be boring & repetitive, but all concerns have been eradicated & the food is not boring at all!

I feel that Tris does an excellent job changing the daily food menu to suit M**** allergies without having to offer something that looks completely different, he manages to tweak the meals to take account of her egg and nut allergies so she doesn't really notice that what she is eating is different to the other children's.

The variety of food offered is fantastic and really helps the children to become more adventurous about trying new things. Every time I have approached Tris for advice about food for M** he has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

Good Luck with the award!

Mrs E H*****


Being fairly new to Tootsies we don't have a great deal of feedback other than:

We were very impressed with the menu, the chef and the fact that the meals are all cooked from scratched and really enjoyed the open day when he gave demos and let parents have a go at doing the wrap dishes themselves

We love the fact that Tootsies provide weaning meals and that these are exciting and varied. We feel these have really helped A***** develop her eating skills and appetite

Ben frequently has seconds of mains as well as puddings in pre-school and hasn't complained once to me about his meals.




I would like to write in support of Tootsies Day Nursery nomination. Both my children attend Tootsies and absolutely love the home cooked food prepared by Tris.

My eldest son frequently talks about Tris and his cooking and they both are reported to have had seconds of something every day.  I am always impressed with the quality and variety of the food offered to the children which is freshly prepared with a very advanced menu. 

I attended the mother’s day tea in March and very much enjoyed the Moroccan lamb provided.  I have been too many weekend events laid on by the nursery and enjoyed sampling the menu. The Easter party recently was excellent and we all enjoyed homemade hot cross buns and Tris was on hand demonstrating a cooking session with vegetable spring rolls and even went the extra mile by providing recipe cards for the parents to take away.  I am always assured as a parent that both my children eat well at Tootsies and they never come home hungry.

I was also impressed when attending the food festival in Farnham town centre to find a Tootsies stall and lots of tasty treats to sample.  I honestly believe that the food choices provided at Tootsies sets them apart from other local nurseries due to the attention to detail and involvement of the children in making and eating food fun.  If I am ever too busy to cook from scratch at home I'm always reassured that my two hungry boys eat well at least 3 days a week!!!!


Mrs E*** A******


It’s great having Tris on hand to support cooking activities with the children, he provides us with brilliant ideas so that the children prepare healthy foods and not just cakes and biscuits. Tris often comes and takes a cookery lesson with the children, such as filleting a mackerel or making homemade soups, as well as consulting with the children to create a daily menu and introducing children to self serve at meal times.

Tris is a massive part of the nursery team and it is clear to see his passion for the food he prepares and offers, We would love to see him get rewarded for what he does not just the food he creates.

Tootsies Management Team


I am sat here listening to M***** tell me, "Tris is the best chef I know!"

Just thought I'd let you know we are at this moment cooking 'creamy curry' from the recipe booklet - please make it look like Tris does!

We did the carrot and orange soup on Friday - M***** proudly chopping the carrots, 'like Tris'.  Success too... M***** ate it!



I really appreciate the healthy eating promotion always encouraged by everyone.  There is hardly a day when the girls come home without having eaten all of their lunch and all of their dinner!  I have no doubt that the food is second to none at any nursery and better than I could ever cook myself.  I particularly appreciated the exclusion of sugary snacks as birthday gifts.

I would like to thank you for all your efforts.  I hope that this will support any submission for a nursery award and its not too late, as you thoroughly deserve it.

Best Regards

S****** B****


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